In the United States, three “obstacles” were named for the launch of the “Nord stream-2”

Columnist America Hernandez in an article for Politico stated that there are three “obstacles” to the launch of the “Nord stream-2.”

The author of the material noted that the construction of the pipeline has already been completed. Still, its operator will have to carry out technical work, which, in her opinion, may take up to three months.

“Now it is necessary to clean the offshore sections of the gas pipeline, after which it is necessary to check for leaks and other potential problems,” Hernandez wrote.

The publicist clarified that “Nord stream-2” must receive a safety certificate from an independent and internationally recognized organization.

In an interview with the publication, Republican Senator James Risch said that any foreign company that will participate in the pipeline inspection will fall under U.S. sanctions.

“The administration knows that this is the case, and it must take decisive measures before it is too late,” Risch said.

Hernandez concluded that the German Federal Grid Agency would have to confirm that the gas pipeline meets the requirements of the European Union.

The observer also stressed that the German regulator could issue a temporary permit if it considers that high gas prices and low reserves in storage threaten Germany’s energy security on the eve of winter.

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