In the United States, the first case of infection with the Indian coronavirus mutation was recorded

The case was identified in California.

For the first time, American experts recorded in the United States infection with a new type of coronavirus, which was previously detected in India. The case has been identified in the state of California, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The publication refers to information provided by the laboratory for the study of viruses at Stanford University. Its specialists identified one case of infection. It is believed to have occurred in Santa Clara County in southwestern California. There are also seven other cases in which there is a suspicion of infection with the Indian variety. Experts are expected to determine whether this is the case in the next few days.

At the end of March, the Indian authorities reported that a new type of coronavirus with a double mutation was discovered in the country. As noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, experts admit that these mutations make the virus more contagious. It is also possible that the available coronavirus vaccines may be less effective against the Indian variety.

Author: Steve Cowan
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