In the United States, new charges were filed in attempts to return wanted persons to China

We are talking about nine citizens.

The US authorities have filed new charges against a group of people who allegedly participated in an operation on behalf of the Chinese authorities to return to this country people who were previously wanted in the PRC and are on American territory. This is stated in a statement published on Thursday by the US Department of Justice.

As follows from the document, we are talking about nine persons. According to the American side, they acted as “agents of the PRC without prior notification of the US Attorney General”. All of them are also charged with “obsessive harassment” of people who were in the United States.

The defendants, according to the US Department of Justice, “acted under the leadership of representatives of the Chinese government.” These persons allegedly conducted surveillance of people who were in the United States and tried to put pressure on them to “force them to return to China.”

In October 2020, the US Department of Justice accused eight people of seeking, on the instructions of the authorities in Beijing, to “return to China for trial” people who were on American territory. In the United States, this operation was called Fox Hunt, the department said.

Now the list of accused has been changed. One person’s name was removed from it and two new ones were added: Tu Lan and Zhai Yongqiang. According to the US authorities, Tu Lan is a “Chinese prosecutor.” He allegedly came to the United States and was one of the leaders of this operation.

In October last year, the US Department of Justice said that several people from among the participants of this operation were detained. Among them were citizens of China and the United States. The ministry noted that many of the persons wanted by the Chinese side “may well be guilty.” At the same time, according to the US Department of Justice, some of these people are “political opponents, dissidents, critics” of the Chinese authorities.

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