In the United States, mailboxes were removed before Biden’s inauguration

In several cities in the United States, mailboxes were temporarily removed in connection with the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden, the Fox News channel reports, citing a US Postal Service statement.

So, law enforcement agencies temporarily removed mailboxes from 17 states. Also, 14 post offices will be closed on the day of the inauguration of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“This is part of our normal procedure to ensure the safety of our employees and customers during protests or when large crowds gather near post offices, on postal routes, or at mailboxes,” said department spokesman David Partenheimer.

In the year of the inauguration of Donald Trump, similar measures were taken only in Washington. Still, this time in connection with reports of “planned protests or other situations involving large crowds of people,” the boxes were removed in other cities. Simultaneously, concerning Washington, a decision has not yet been made – mailboxes will either be removed or closed with locks there.

Author: Steve Cowan
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