In the United States launched scooters, which themselves return to the parking lot

In the United States, scooters were launched, which they themselves return to the parking lot. While they can only ride in a radius of 5 km.

A fleet of 100 remote controlled scooters appeared in Peachtree Corners, USA. Researchers note that this is the first test of this type on public roads. The townspeople will be able to use the application to select a scooter, ride it, and after the trip the vehicle itself will return to the base. The scooter was introduced by Go X, while Tortoise developed a remote positioning system.

During a test run, which will last six months, scooters can only be used in a special area 5 km around the Curiosity Lab technology park. The city adopted a special resolution that allows the use of autonomous small vehicles in order to avoid riots on the sidewalks and problems with congestion in public transport.

“What we use in Curiosity Lab is a lot of important solutions for micro-mobility. Now these are just small steps, but this is experience for us and data for our artificial intelligence. One of the ways you can take advantage right now is autonomous scooter management, ”said Betsy Plattenburg, chief executive of Curiosity Lab.

Go X also introduced additional measures due to the spread of coronavirus in the country. Each vehicle is subjected to manual disinfection when moving to the base, a sticker is glued on it, which confirms that the employees cleaned the surface. Go X is required to conduct a health check of its employees.

Author: John Kessler
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