In the United States, exercises were held with a simulated nuclear strike on Russia

The US conducted military exercises that simulated a retaliatory nuclear strike on Russia. A representative of the US defense Ministry announced this during a briefing with journalists.

The National Defense magazine, which is published by the American Defense Industry Association (NDIA), notes that the US army conducts exercises with simulated nuclear strikes regularly, but usually high-ranking officials do not talk about them.

The exercise took place in Nebraska, where the US army’s Strategic command is located. Defense Minister Mark Esper also took part in them. “They attacked us with a low-power nuclear warhead, and we simulated response with nuclear weapons during the exercise,” an official told the legend of the exercise at a briefing.

The defense Ministry spokesman did not disclose details of the exercise, adding only that in the scenario being worked out, Russia struck a NATO target in Europe. The US response, which was worked out during the exercise, was “limited,” according to the official. He explained that for this purpose, the issue is first agreed with the defense Minister, and then with the US President.

In addition, the representative of the Ministry of defense highlighted the need to modernize the nuclear Arsenal and methods of delivery of weapons of mass destruction. In January, the US Congressional Research Service noted in a report that the country lags behind Russia in terms of updating nuclear weapons.

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