In the United States died the Creator of the Ford Mustang

In the United States at the age of 94 years died a former top Manager of Ford and Chrysler Lee Iacocca, under whose leadership was created one of the most famous American cars – Ford Mustang. Daughter of Iacocca told the Washington Post that the cause of her father’s death was complications caused by Parkinson’s disease.

A native of Pennsylvania Lido Anthony Iacocca began his career at Ford as an engineer and soon moved to senior positions. In the first half of the 60s, Iacocca, together with Ford’s leading engineer Donald Free, designer Philip Clark and other employees of the company developed prototypes of the Mustang and launched the car into mass production.

Even before the beginning of the fuel crisis of the 70s, Lee Iacocca insisted on the need to provide the American market with small budget cars with low gasoline consumption. Under his leadership, the concern began to produce the Pinto model, which became the smallest American “Ford” since the beginning of the twentieth century.

After being fired from Ford, Iacocca moved to work at Chrysler, eventually leading the concern. It is believed that he saved the company from bankruptcy in the early ’80s.

Lee Iacocca was involved in charitable projects and held senior positions in several companies. He spent the last years of his life in Los Angeles.

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