In the United States died ex-Senator Richard Lugar

He was 87 years old.

Former Senator of the US Congress, author of the program to provide financial assistance to the former Soviet republics for the elimination of nuclear weapons Richard Lugar died at the 88th year of life in the US state of Virginia. This was reported in a statement published on Sunday on the official website of the Lugar Center.

The cause of death was complications after the illness.

Richard Lugar was a Senator from Indiana from 1977 to 2013. He is known for his co-authorship of the Nunn-Lugar program (together with Samuel Nunn), in which the United States assisted the countries of the former USSR in the disposal of decommissioned nuclear and chemical weapons. In 2013, the politician created and headed the Lugar Center in Washington, which deals with the topic of weapons of mass destruction and other global problems.

Author: Flyn Braun
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