In the United States Blue Origin has conducted the tenth test of the suborbital ship New Shepard

The company reported that the flight was successful.

The Company Blue Origin spent on Wednesday in Texas the tenth test flight of its suborbital New Shepard vehicle. This was reported on Twitter of the company.

As noted in Blue Origin, the capsule, which in the future will be designed for the crew and passengers, landed on parachutes. The carrier also made a vertical landing. The company stated that “apparently, the flight today was fully successful.” On Board of the New Shepard were nine experimental devices developed by scientists from a number of American universities, as well as employees of NASA space centers.

The tenth test flight of New Shepard was originally supposed to be carried out on December 18, later it was repeatedly postponed, including due to technical problems and adverse weather conditions.

As the head of strategy and sales of Blue Origin, Ariane Cornell, said on January 8 that the company intends to send tourists on a suborbital flight “in early 2019”. In July 2018, representatives of Blue Origin told reporters that one spot on the New Shepard is expected to cost $200-300 million. Ship will be able to take on Board six people.

Author: Flyn Braun
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