In the United States, a vaccinated mother gave birth to a child with antibodies to COVID-19

A health worker in the US state of Florida, who received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine during pregnancy, gave birth to a child with antibodies to COVID-19; this is the first known case, local scientists said.

According to pediatricians Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick, the Palm Beach County health worker received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine when she was 36 weeks pregnant. Three weeks later, at the end of January, she had a baby girl. After that, specialists took a blood test from her.

“We tested the baby’s umbilical cord to see if the antibodies are transmitted from the mother to the baby, which is the case with other vaccines that are administered during pregnancy,” Gilbert, a pediatrician, told local TV station WPBF.

He pointed out that as a result, experts found out that the child had antibodies to COVID-19.

“As far as we know, this is the first report in the world of the birth of a child with antibodies after vaccination,” Gilbert said.

In turn, the pediatrician Rudnik said that in the coming months, “thousands, thousands of babies will be born to mothers who have been vaccinated.”

Scientists wrote an article about their research in February, its preprint is published on the medRxiv website, but experts should check their conclusions.

Doctors in the article stressed that the woman, who had not previously had COVID-19, was born a “healthy, full-term” girl. However, it is necessary to check the “safety and effectiveness of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy”. Babies born to vaccinated mothers, however, may be at risk of infection, the experts added.

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