In the United States, a three-year-old child suffers a stroke due to COVID-19

In the United States, a three-year-old child was diagnosed with a stroke against the background of coronavirus. The hospital noted that they faced such a case for the first time.

A three-year-old boy from the United States suffered a stroke – doctors say that this is one of the complications that arose during COVID-19. This was reported by The Mirror.

The media describe that the child’s parents went to the hospital after his speech suddenly disappeared and he stopped moving his right hand. Doctors suspected that these symptoms may indicate complications against the background of the transferred coronavirus, but their test showed a negative result. After that, the doctors decided to do a test for antibodies and found them in the child’s body.

Doctors explained that some of the patients who underwent COVID-19 “tend to form blood clots.” Complication is more common in adults, while children are more likely to be at risk of developing multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-S), when the body overreacts to coronavirus. This can lead to inflammation of organs – right down to the brain.

The hospital explained that this is the first case of a stroke against the background of a coronavirus at this age in a patient. However, they noted that as the risk of blood clots increases, the risk of strokes or heart attacks rises sharply in the body.

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