In the United States, a sailor was rescued after being at sea for about two days

In 138 kilometers off Florida’s coast, the sailors of a container ship rescued an American who spent almost two days in the water and was already reported missing the Independent reports.

Stuart Bee, 62, left Cape Marina for Port Canaveral on Friday, November 27, and did not return. The next day, he was reported missing, as his family claimed that he never stayed overnight at sea. The victim was searched by coast guard patrols, military personnel, and pilots. Merchant ships in the area were also alerted to the incident.

On Sunday, November 29, the container ship sailors “Angeles” noticed a man clinging to the bow of the capsized vessel.

“After careful maneuvers, we got Stuart on Board. Before I could ask a question, he asked me, “What day is it?”- recalls one of the crew members. Having received the answer, the saved one wept and was baptized.

“He was in the open sea for several days, holding on to the nose of the overturned boat, protruding from the water, and tried not to make a single movement so that it did not go completely to the depth,” said one of the sailors.

On the ship, Stuart was given dry clothes, fed, and brought ashore.

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