In the United States, a cypress tree was found more than 2.6 thousand years old

Experts in the United States, finally, with the help of the latest technology, were able to find out the age of several of the oldest trees on the North American continent. Several data analyses have shown that the oldest cypress is more than 2.6 millennia old. Data on the unusual discovery was published by WECT 6 News.

Professor David Stale from the University of Kansas became interested in the grove of cypress trees, which are part of the Black River Reserve in North Carolina, 40 years ago. However, it was not possible to find out the age of the trees by the methods that existed at that time without damaging the plants. And only the latest developments have made obtaining this information completely real.

Using the latest drill, experts were able to extract microscopic cores from several trees to determine the age of the annual rings. It turned out that the “youngest” cypress grows here for 1600 years, and the oldest is already 2624 years old. The results were confirmed by radiocarbon dating. The studied cypress was much older than some well-known American redwoods, although it is much smaller than them in size. In addition, the American long-lived cypress became the fifth oldest tree in the world.

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