In the UK, experienced the first model in the history of the aircraft without flaps

Technology developers installed on the drone, which has already made a series of successful flights. Maneuvering such a device with the help of powerful airflows, which the engine emits through the narrow cracks on the wings during the flight.

Scientists from the University of Manchester and specialists of the British defense company BAE Systems Plc are working on the first aircraft in the history of aviation, which will be able to maneuver without the help of flaps, reports Bloomberg. A similar technology, according to the Agency, the developers have already experienced, installing it on a drone model Magma.

This drone, specified in the press service of BAE, to control its movements during the flight uses air currents. Their supersonic speed through narrow slits on the trailing edge of the wing produces the engine.

According to the BAE representative, this technology is easier, more reliable and cheaper to operate than conventional control surfaces. In addition, the novelty will make the aircraft almost invisible on the radar due to the reduced number of gaps and faces.

Drone model Magma, which is already equipped with new technology, was made of titanium parts printed on a 3D printer. The drone, the Agency notes, has already made a series of flights from Llanbedr airport in North Wales. There, explains Bloomberg, is a specialized testing ground for unmanned aerial vehicles.
Magma model is able to maneuver using a deflected thrust vector: the movement adjustment, in this case, occurs with the help of exhaust gases in the engine itself, which are deflected in different directions to help control.

How many people will be able to carry such a plane and how fast it will move, the press service does not explain.

Author: Flyn Braun
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