In the states of Georgia and Alabama, a tornado threat was declared

The wind speed in these areas can exceed 30 m/s, the US National Weather Service said.

A tornado may hit cities and towns with a population of about 450 thousand people in the states of Georgia and Alabama on Monday. The US National Weather Service reported this.

According to the forecast for the next few hours, the wind speed in these areas may exceed 30 m/s. In at least three small towns in the state, strong winds have already damaged buildings and toppled trees. No injuries have been reported because of the weather.

Authorities in the counties of Georgia and Alabama affected by the disaster are advising residents not to leave their homes and take shelter in shelters in case of a tornado. The weather is expected to improve at 16.00. A strong storm hit Atlanta, but no tornadoes formed there.

In late April – early May, the tornado season begins in the southern United States. This year, it started a little later than usual, but due to the peculiarities of the movement of air masses over the Atlantic, storms, and hurricanes can be stronger than usual, meteorologists warn.

Author: Steve Cowan
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