In the state of New York, the available stocks of the coronavirus vaccine have been used up

According to the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, 80 thousand vaccine injections are carried out per day.

The state of New York will use up all available supplies of the coronavirus vaccine by Friday evening. This was announced on Friday at a meeting with reporters by the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. The NY1 TV channel broadcasted his speech.

“All the doses of the vaccine delivered to the state will be used up by the end of the day,” he said, pointing out that 28 thousand doses remained in the vaccination centers on Friday. “The problem is that we do 80 thousand injections of the vaccine a day,” he said. – So 28 thousand doses will not be enough for the whole day.”

Earlier, the authorities of the city of New York decided to postpone for a week the timing of the injection of the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine for about 23 thousand residents of the city, and also because of the lack of a vaccine for two days to suspend the work of 15 vaccination centers.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University, which counts based on information from international organizations, federal and local authorities, 24.7 million cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the United States, 412.7 thousand people have died, including 41.9 thousand in New York State.

Author: Steve Cowan
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