In the state of New York created the first “containment zone” in connection with the coronavirus

A special regime is being introduced in New Rochelle until March 25.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of a “containment zone” around the city of New Rochelle until March 25 in connection with the outbreak of a new coronavirus.
“At the moment, New Rochelle is probably the largest outbreak in the United States,” Cuomo said at a news conference.

National Guard forces will be deployed to crowded areas within a 1-mile radius of the source of the virus. According to Cuomo, they will also be used to help with the food delivery and cleaning public places. Food stores will not be closed.

The special regime will take effect on March 12 and last for two weeks.

The second case of infection with a new coronavirus in New York State was recorded in new Rochelle last week, in connection with which about 1000 people who came into contact with the disease were isolated.

The total number of cases in the state has reached 173. This is the maximum figure for the country.

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