In the northeast of China – a new outbreak of coronavirus. 108 million people get quarantined

In the northeast of China, a new outbreak of coronavirus has been reported, resulting in 108 million people being quarantined. About this writes Bloomberg.

Quarantine has been introduced in cities in Jilin and Liaoning. The restrictions included, in particular, the cities of Jilin (the center of the province of the same name) and Shulan. The latter is called the center of a new outbreak of coronavirus.

It is still not known exactly how many people were again infected with the coronavirus in China. The main reason for the new outbreak in China is considered to be the Chinese who returned from Russia. Jilin Province, where Shulan is located, is bordered by Primorye.

In Shulan, limited public transport, access to the street, and exit from the city. The Chinese authorities have already fired six officials, including the head of the local branch of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to official data, on May 18, 34 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Jilin Province, and three cases in Liaoning Province.