In the North-East of the United States, a woman died after a shark attack

A woman in the US state of Maine, located in the North-East of the US, died after being attacked by a shark, according to the state marine patrol.

“The Maine Maritime patrol is investigating the death of a woman reported today near Bailey Island. According to the Maritime patrol, a witness reported that a woman was swimming near the coast near White Sales Lane when she was injured in what turned out to be a shark attack,” a statement on the state government’s website said.

It is noted that kayakers who were nearby brought the woman to the shore; representatives of the rescue service arrived at the scene, after which the fact of death was recorded.

The Maritime patrol has called for extreme caution when swimming or boating near Bailey Island.

According to the local newspaper Portland Press Herald, with reference to Professor James Kulikowski of Arizona State University, who specializes in shark research, only one case of a shark attack on a person has been recorded in Maine before. According to the expert, the shark probably mistook the woman for prey.

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