In the estate of Trump detained a Chinese woman with four phones and a flash drive with a virus. She said she came to a “UN event”

In a closed club Mar-a-Lago in Florida during the visit of the US President Donald Trump, a visitor with Chinese passports was detained, who allegedly tried to illegally enter the territory, carrying a flash drive with malware. This is stated in the documents sent to the court by an agent of the US Secret service.

The incident occurred on March 30. According to CNN, Trump was in the residence that day, but not at the time of the incident. Because of the President’s visit to Mar-a-Lago, security measures were strengthened — secret service agents and local Sheriff’s assistants were present on the site, and signs were installed on the territory that attempts to enter the territory without the necessary permits were illegal.

The detainee, according to reports, is called Yujing Zhang, she is 32 years old. As stated in the documents, shortly after noon, she went to the agent who checked wishing to get into the club, and said that he was going to the pool. She showed two Chinese passports with her photo. After confirming her identity, the agent sent her to the Mar-a-Lago security service, which checked whether visitors have the right to enter the territory. There was no woman on the list, but one of the managers noticed that there was a man named Zhang among the members of the club. The staff asked her if the man was her father. Not getting a clear answer, they still missed Zhang, blamed the misunderstanding on language barrier, said in court documents.

Once inside, Zhang got into the Golf cart; the driver took her to reception because she couldn’t tell exactly where she needed to go. There she was asked about the purpose of the visit, and she replied that she came to the “event of the US-China UN Association”. Since such an event was not planned in Mar-a- Lago, the receptionist checked the lists of people with the right to be on the territory of the club, and not finding the name Zhang, called the secret service agent.

The visitor repeated that she had come to a non-existent UN event and explained that she had come to the club early to settle in and take pictures. She also showed the alleged invitation to the event, but the agents “could not read it, as it was in Chinese”, said in court documents. As a result, Zhang, who got to Mar-a-Lago under the pretext of visiting the pool, was taken out of the territory.

During the interrogation, the woman said that her Chinese friend Charles, with whom she allegedly communicated in the WeChat messenger, told her to come from Shanghai to the event in Mar-a-Lago and talk with members of the family of the President Trump about economic relations between the US and China. She also said that she did not tell the agent about going to the pool and that at the entrance to the club misunderstood the staff Mar-a-Lago. Zhang was found carrying four mobile phones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a flash drive, on which, according to preliminary data, malicious software was found. Bathing accessories were not with her.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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