In the Chinese city of Wuhan has tightened the quarantine conditions for coronavirus

In Wuhan, China, which has become the source of the new coronavirus, the quarantine rules have been tightened. Local authorities have published a corresponding order.

Under the new rules, the movement of citizens to different districts of the city will be controlled. You can go from one part of the city to another only through one checkpoint, where they organize around-the-clock duty, where they will register everyone and check the temperature and condition of citizens. To cross the checkpoint, you need a good reason.

The document states that residents, except those who seek medical care, participate in anti-epidemic work or provide functioning (city services), are not allowed to leave the residential complex.

According to the latest data, the majority of cases and deaths from coronavirus were recorded in Wuhan during the day. In total, 143 people died from the virus during the day, 107 of them in Wuhan.

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