In the center of New York in the run-up to the election, an image of Trump appeared in the form of an icon

According to artist David Datuna, the work demonstrates the duality of reality.

A painting depicting US President Donald Trump as a “Saint” with an empty book in his hands has appeared in Midtown Manhattan. According to the idea of its author – American artist David Datuna – the picture implies that the politician, in reality, does not defend any ideas.

“The work demonstrates the duality of reality and puts it in the foreground,” the artist said in an interview with reporters. – Today’s reality is unusual: we have a self-proclaimed Saint who preaches “nothing,” every day dragging us deeper into his self-serving emptiness of the Golden calf. It’s time to turn this page.”

This is not Datuna’s first work to address the political and social issues of the American nation. In 2016, he flew around the Statue of Liberty on a plane and, combining the slogans of Trump and Hillary Clinton, but the inscription in the sky: “Let’s make America strong together.” In 2017, the artist staged a performance in downtown New York, laying out the President’s name from blocks of dry ice that melted in front of the audience. The installation was a response to Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.