In Sweden, the practice of mass testing for antibodies was criticized

Some Swedish analysts criticized and called ineffective the government’s decision to mass test the country’s residents for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus infection, Sveriges Radio reports.

Starting from June 15, residents of Stockholm and several other Swedish regions can take a free test to determine whether they are infected with coronavirus or for the presence of antibodies. According to the company Werlabs, which conducts testing, more than 80 thousand people have already passed the analysis, of which approximately 14.5% had antibodies detected.

Experts are concerned, in particular, about the high probability of a false-positive result. “The danger is that a person may think that he has already been ill, although he has not, and he does not have immunity,” the infectious diseases, Doctor Bengt Wittesche said.

l for a long time, or to those who still have symptoms, or to those whose family members have had the coronavirus. In this case, the antibody test makes sense. Testing everyone in a row is just a waste of resources,” says doctor Lena Serrender.