In Spain, those who refuse to be vaccinated will be entered in the register

In Spain, everyone who refused to get vaccinated against coronavirus will be entered into a special register.

As the country’s health minister Salvador Illa said in an interview with La Sexta TV channel, the list of those who refused will be transferred to other partner states. It will not be published in the public domain: the information “will be processed with the utmost respect for data protection”.

Illa noted that the mass vaccination of the population in the country began on December 27. Vaccination is done voluntarily, but the only “way to defeat the coronavirus is to vaccinate everyone against it.”

If a person does not plan to be vaccinated, this will be entered in the register, which will also indicate the reason for the refusal.

Recall that in the spring and summer of 2020, Spain became the main focus of the spread of coronavirus in Europe. Now the rate of daily increase in those infected there has decreased.

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