In Spain, at popular resorts everywhere mandatory wearing of masks is introduced

In the Balearic Islands, from July 13, the wearing of protective masks in public places will be mandatory; yesterday this rule was introduced in Catalonia, Channel News Asia reports.

In General, in Spain, the wearing of personal protective equipment is only necessary for proximity to other people.

In Catalonia, from Thursday, everyone over the age of six must wear a mask; similar rules will be introduced in the Balearic Islands. Violation will result in a fine of 100 euros.

There are exceptions, for example, when playing sports, swimming, and sunbathing on the beach, masks are not needed.

Regional head of the Balearic Islands Francine Armengol described the situation in the archipelago as “controlled.” Still, it warned that people should not lose their vigilance, as “the virus continues to live among us.”