In Singapore, the court for the first time issued a death sentence on a video call to Zoom

The Supreme Court for the first time pronounced the death penalty on a person via video conferencing via the Zoom service. About it writes The Guardian.

The court sentenced the 37-year-old Malaysian citizen to a drug smuggling case in 2011.

Due to coronavirus infection, which has been going on in Singapore since April 1, 2020, many court cases have been postponed. However, the Supreme Court continues to consider particularly important cases even through video calling.

“Singapore’s use of the death penalty is cruel and inhuman, and the use of remote technologies such as Zoom is even crueler”.

Asia Human Rights Watch (HRW) Deputy Director Phil Robertson.

According to Amnesty International, Singapore, which has a zero-tolerance policy on illicit drugs, is one of four countries where people are still executed for drug-related crimes.

Zoom representatives declined to comment on the court ruling through their service.