In Pompeii, found a grocery kiosk with preserved food

The researchers talked about the excavation, during which they found a food stand. At the same time, they were able to restore part of the food.

An international team of scientists, which included archaeologists, biologists, zoologists, and volcanologists, carried out regular excavations in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. As the researchers noted, they found a unique food stall selling raw foods and ready meals. However, some parts of the dishes have been preserved in the kiosk.

The researchers added that such objects have been found before – scientists already know about the finding of about 80 such institutions in Pompeii. However, in this case, scientists managed to recover particles of the food that was sold there. At the same time, scientists found a fresco on the counter showing dishes and products that could be bought at a kiosk.

In the last phase of the work, archaeologists discovered several still lifes, including images of animals that were on the menu.

Scientists were also able to collect information about food habits in the city. For example, fragments of duck bones, as well as the remains of pigs, goats, fish, and snails were found in clay pots. They also found crushed beans in one of the jars, which they added to the wine.

This is not the first excavation that has led to discoveries. Earlier, scientists found the body of a resident who died in the eruption with a crystallized brain.

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