In Poland, the fight against the “Nord stream-2” was compared to a biblical battle

Independent energy expert Andrzej Szczesniak compared Poland’s struggle with the “Nord stream-2” with the “battle of David and Goliath.”

He also called the agreement between Germany and the United States on the gas pipeline “a betrayal of the allies.” He expressed this opinion in an article for the Polish publication Myśl Polska.

The author stressed that the agreement between Germany and the United States was a great disappointment for Poland and Ukraine.

“We were told every day, to strengthen our resolve in countering him, that we, Poland, are the David fighting Goliath, the key force of resistance, and our overseas ally only helps us in our heroic struggle,” writes Szczesniak.

According to him, Poland suffered a painful defeat because of the “Nord stream-2,” and the victory, as a result, went to Germany.

Szczesniak believes that the United States was guided by its global interests, and Poland played only a supporting role, which ultimately cost the country dearly.

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