In Poland, predicted a split in Europe due to the “Nord stream-2”

The “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline will be completed. Still, the completion of the project will mean undermining the unity and coherence of the EU countries in foreign policy issues, Polish expert Kamil Zayonchkovsky said in an interview with Polskie Radio.

“Unfortunately, this would prove that unity and coherence among the European Union countries in foreign policy issues are as fragile as it was a few years ago,” Zayonchkovsky saying.

According to the expert, the completion of construction is essentially a done deal. At the same time, Zayonchkovsky believes that the US and EU countries should exert diplomatic and political pressure on Germany since Berlin has been saying for two years that the project is not political but purely economic.

According to Zayonchkovsky, the German authorities do not retract their words just because it would be “a symbolic loss of the Federal government of Angela Merkel.”
The day before, the pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky, owned by Gazprom, left Kaliningrad.

Recall that the operator of “Nord stream-2” company Nord Stream 2 AG stated that it plans to complete the project in late 2020-early 2021.

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