In Paris, the police used gas and smoke bombs against the “yellow vests

PARIS – Police used tear gas and smoke bombs against protesters on the outskirts of Paris “yellow vests.”

The action takes place in the area of place Champerre in the XVII arrondissement of Paris, very close to the district road — Boulevard Pereferic.

Several hundred people are protesting in the square. Since early morning, they try to block traffic on the ring road, several times clashed with police.

Law enforcement officers through a megaphone telling the crowd that their action is not agreed upon, ask them to go and stand in the way, not letting on city streets. The crowd, wiping away tears and spitting from the gas, shout the usual chants of “yellow vests.”

According to 10:00, police detained 16 people.

Demonstrations are taking place in France this weekend to mark the first anniversary of the yellow vest protests. Not all of them are agreed.

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