In New York, the “round table” on coronavirus was canceled because of the coronavirus

In New York, organizers canceled a “round table” on “how to work with the coronavirus epidemic” because of the spread of the coronavirus, Bloomberg reports.
The event was scheduled for March 13 and was organized by the private Council on Foreign Relations. In addition, the organization canceled all face-to-face events that were planned in different US cities from March 11 to April 13.
On March 10, in New York canceled the annual international auto show, it was moved to August. The city also canceled the half marathon. In total, more than 50 major corporate events with almost 1 million people were canceled in the United States because of the coronavirus, Bloomberg estimated.
On March 7, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo declared an emergency when the number of people infected with the coronavirus reached 89 in the region. On March 10, Cuomo announced that a one-mile quarantine zone was being created in Westchester around the town of New Rochelle. All institutions, including schools, will be closed there from March 12 to 25. Soldiers of the National Guard will help in the disinfection and delivery of products to residents.
Five Republican congressmen, including Senator Ted Cruz, decided to self-isolate themselves after it turned out that they had been in contact with the infected coronavirus at a conservative conference in February.

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