In New York State, the number of coronavirus victims increased by 84 people

The number of coronavirus victims in New York State over the last day for the first time after the peak fell below 100. It amounted to 84, according to data presented at a press conference by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Initially, the situation in New York State with coronavirus was much worse than in other States. On the worst days of the day, more than 700 people died in the country, and more than 3,000 people were admitted to hospitals.

“The number of hospitalized people is decreasing, the number of people connected to ventilators is decreasing,” Cuomo said.

According to its data, just over 200 patients were admitted to hospitals on Friday.

“The number of deaths has dropped to 84. This is still a tragedy. But the fact that the number has decreased so much is generally good news,” the Governor said.

He pointed out that reducing the number of victims to below 100 is a sign that new Yorkers are making progress in the fight against the pandemic.

In total, 23,195 people died from coronavirus in the state.

According to Hopkins University, in total, more than 1.6 million cases of coronavirus infection, and more than 96 thousand deaths were registered in the United States. It is noted that more than 350 thousand people have recovered.