In New York State, the number of coronavirus victims increased by 195 people

The number of victims of the coronavirus in New York State for the day was 195, the day before 161 people died, according to data provided by the state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He noted that the total number of hospitalized people is decreasing, and fewer people are being connected to artificial ventilation devices.

“The number of lives lost yesterday is 195. This is somewhat higher than the day before, but in general, the trend is downward. If you look at the losses, we are now where we were before the virus hit,” Cuomo said.

According to the data provided by Cuomo, 207 people died on May 9, 226 people died on May 8, 216 people died on May 7, and 231 people died on May 6. A total of 21640 people have died in the state so far.

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