In New York State, another 299 people were killed by the coronavirus

The number of deaths from coronavirus in New York State over the last day was 299, according to information provided at a press conference by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York State is at the center of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. On Friday, 289 victims were reported for the day.

“The number of victims is 299. This number remains appallingly high, and it hasn’t reached the level we would like to see,” Cuomo said.

He also called the number of people admitted to the hospital every day unacceptably high. On Friday, 831 people were hospitalized, compared to 954 the day before. The total number of hospitalized in New York state is 10,150, the day before the figure was 10,991, the Governor said.

According to the data he provided, 289 people died on April 30, 306, on April 29, 330, on April 28, 335, on April 27, 337, on April 26, 367, on April 25, and 437 on April 24. On the worst days, the number of people dying from the virus exceeded 700 per day.

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