In New York, police detained 27 participants of rallies for Israel and Palestine

NYT does not specify how many of the detainees were supporters of Palestinians, and how many were Israelis.

New York police detained 27 people following protests in central Times Square, where groups of protesters who spoke in support of both Israel and Palestine met. The New York Times reported this on Friday with reference to its data.

Some of the detentions took place on Thursday evening and Friday night, and some in the afternoon. The participants of the actions were identified thanks to the video recording conducted by the guards. The publication does not specify how many of the detainees were supporters of Palestinians, and how many were Israelis.

On Thursday evening, two groups of protesters met in Times Square. The number of those who spoke for Palestine was about 50, supporters of Israel-about 20. The police stood in a barrier between them for a while, and a section of Times Square was cordoned off. However, then the participants of the rallies began to insult each other and throw plastic bottles. Then the police pushed back the supporters of the Palestinians, several people were detained. Some of them left the square, others continued to walk around Manhattan until late at night. At the scene on Thursday, a police officer confirmed to reporters that there were other incidents related to the protests over the situation around the Gaza Strip, but they did not take place in Times Square. One of the groups coordinating the protests on social networks reported that a participant in a pro-Palestinian rally sprayed gas in the face of a police officer. The New York Times also reports that a pro-Israel protester was beaten.

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