In New York at the age of 114 years died the oldest American woman

Alelia Murphy has lived in New York’s Harlem since 1926 and has been officially recognized as a “landmark” of this Manhattan neighborhood.

Alelia Murphy, a former seamstress from New York, officially recognized as the oldest resident of the United States, died last Saturday at the age of 114 years. This, according to CNN, told the granddaughter of the deceased, Nefer Nekhet.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Alelia Murphy,” the 1199SEIU health workers Union, of which Murphy’s daughter was a member, said in a statement on Wednesday. “Mrs. Murphy was the oldest American woman. She celebrated her 114th birthday in July with family and friends,” the statement said.

The cause of death has not been disclosed.

The gerontology research team 114 years and 140 days old at the time of his death, a fact confirmed Murphy.

After the death of Alelia Murphy, the oldest American was Hester Ford of North Carolina, born in 1905. 116-year-old Japanese woman Kane Tanaka heads the list of world centenarians.
Murphy had lived in Manhattan’s Harlem since 1926. On the day of her 114 anniversary in Harlem declared a Day of Recognition of Alelia Murphy. New York Senator Brian Benjamin called Murphy a “Harlem landmark” and thanked her for her contributions to the neighborhood – she has done community service and helped the Church for years.

Murphy worked as a seamstress for most of her life. She raised two children, and her husband died in 1953. According to her family, the woman lived such a long life “Thanks to God,” as well as the fact that she was a good person.

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