In Minnesota and Wisconsin, Trump’s campaign events are being held on Monday

Later this week, the President will visit Arizona and Pennsylvania.

US President Donald Trump is holding campaign events in four States this week: on Monday, he will visit Minnesota and Wisconsin, on Tuesday – Arizona, and Thursday – Pennsylvania.

In Minnesota, where an African-American man, George Floyd, was killed by police, whose death sparked protests across the country, the main topic of Trump’s speech will be policing.

In Wisconsin, where the Democratic National Convention is being held, Trump will talk about growth in the labor market and the development of trade. In Arizona, the President will focus on border security and fighting illegal immigration.

The main event will be held on Thursday in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of former Vice President Joe Biden-Trump’s presumed rival in the November election. The President will speak in this city on the same day that Biden is officially named the Democratic nominee. According to a trump aide, he will draw comparisons between Biden’s political career and his achievements.

There is a possibility that the President will have to adjust his schedule because of the funeral of his brother, who died on Sunday in New York.