In London and Berlin, solidarity actions were held with demonstrators in the United States

In the United States, protests over the death of George Floyd have in some cases turned violent.

Hundreds of people in London and Berlin rallied on Sunday in solidarity with demonstrators in the United States over the death of an African-American man in Minneapolis. As shown in the video, he suffocated when a white police officer pinned his neck to the ground with his knee.

Protesters in Trafalgar Square in Central London knelt, chanting “no justice, no peace” before marching past the houses of Parliament, ending the rally at the US Embassy.

Several hundred demonstrators also staged a rally outside the US Embassy in Berlin. People held placards that read “Justice for George Floyd,” “Stop killing us!” and “Who’s going to get their feet on their necks now?”

The death of George Floyd after his arrest on Monday sparked a wave of protests in the US.

The protests spilled over long-simmering grievances about racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Some demonstrations became violent. They blocked roads, set fires, and clashed with police, who sometimes used tear gas and plastic bullets to restore order.

Author: John Kessler
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