In Kenya, poachers kill the world’s last white giraffe female

In the Kenyan district, Harris discovered the remains of the world’s last female white giraffe and her cub, which lived in the nearby Ishakbini Nature Reserve. This is stated in the message of the environmental organization Hirola Conservation.

Skeletons of white giraffes were found by locals 57 km north-east of Ishakbini. According to representatives of the organization, giraffes were killed by poachers about a few months ago.

Now in the world there is only one male white giraffe left, therefore, probably, in the coming decades this species will finally disappear.

For the first time, a female white giraffe with a cub was discovered in 2017. The group immediately attracted attention due to a mutation that led to the appearance of this color of coat and skin. Previously, scientists have never met giraffes with leukemia and a similar skin color.

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