In Italy, shops, bars, and restaurants will close due to coronavirus

The Italian government has announced new restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in the country, ANSA reports.

The country is closing all commercial activities, all retail stores, except grocery stores and pharmacies, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. Bars, restaurants, shops, hairdressers, beauty salons are closed. At the same time, the Prime Minister promised that urban transport will continue to function, utilities, banking, and insurance services will be guaranteed.
“There is no need to rush to buy food: grocery stores remain open,” Conte said. Delivery of goods at home will also work.

The plants will continue to operate, but “with the observance of safety measures.”

To see the effect of the measures taken, according to the Prime Minister, you need to wait a couple of weeks.

Since March 10, restrictive measures have been introduced throughout Italy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Travel around the country is only possible if there are good reasons: for work or health reasons. The country banned all mass events, including the national football championship, and closed schools and universities. The exit of Italians abroad will not be restricted, but “control over those entering Italy will continue.” Restrictive measures have been taken until April 3. Over the past 24 hours in Italy, the number of infected people has increased by more than two thousand, and the number of deaths-by almost 200 people.

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