In Italy, a man walked 450 kilometers after an argument with his wife

A resident of the Italian city of Como walked for a week without stopping after a quarrel with his wife, il Resto del Carlino newspaper writes.

Police stopped the man in the city of Fano in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. At two o’clock in the morning, he was walking along the road along the Adriatic coast. A tired and cold 48-year-old man told police that he crossed 450 kilometers to let off steam after a family scandal. His destination was the town of San Giovanni Rotondo, where the tomb of the venerated Saint Padre Pio is located.

Thus, on average, a man covered 60 kilometers a day. He allegedly received food and drink on the way from people he met.

It turned out that a few days earlier, his wife had reported him missing to the police. The next day, she came to Fano to pick up her husband and pay a fine of 400 euros, which he received for violating the night curfew.

In Italian social networks, the man was compared to Forrest Gump: the hero of the same name’s movie, having experienced loneliness, ran across the United States several times from coast to coast.


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