In Israel, declared the finest hour of Russia because of the unrest in the United States

Chaos in the US plays into the hands of Moscow and Beijing, Israel said.
The author of an article published in The Jerusalem Post claims that the unrest taking place in the United States provides an opportunity for Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran to advance their interests.

“Against the background of the decline in the United States, Russia is promoting its defense systems, China is arguing with India over mountainous territory in Kashmir, and Turkey intends to work with Iran, Malaysia, and Pakistan to improve economic relations and expand its role in the Mediterranean”

Writes Tsargrad regarding The Jerusalem Post.

According to the author of the Israeli publication, these countries want to use the chaos in the United States to their advantage and strengthen their influence where they previously faced opposition from the United States.
In turn, the unrest in the United States caused by the protests over the death of George Floyd, and the crisis that plunged the economy of mighty power, led to the fact that the ability of the United States to concentrate its forces abroad has fallen significantly.

Also, the problems for the Trump administration are added by the fact that in the context of the pandemic, the US was unable to provide real assistance to its allies, which also undermined the authority of the superpower.