In Iraq, they said there were no victims in the US airstrike on Syria

A US airstrike on a facility on the border of Syria and Iraq did not lead to casualties; the strike was carried out on a warehouse, a member of the security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament, Katy al-Raqabi, told Free News.

“We express our bewilderment in connection with the American shelling. The attack on the forces of Al-Ash al-Shaabi (Iraqi people’s militia) is not something new,” said al-Raqabi. According to him, “American troops seek to do this every time certain parties take actions against the embassy (the US in Baghdad).”

“The strike hit an empty object; its target was a warehouse. They (the Americans – Ed.) assumed that there are forces of “Al-Hashr.” Thank God, there were no victims,”

the MP said.

He condemned the airstrike and stressed that Al-Hashr is a regular Iraqi force controlled by the Iraqi government. “The Iraqi security services and Al-Hashal-Shaabi should not be separated,” the committee member said.

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