In Iraq, a base with the US and British military was shelled

Missiles hit the Taji military base in Iraq, where British and American troops are stationed. A few kilometers south of the base found a launcher on the platform of the car.
The attack on the base was reported by the command of American forces in Iraq. Three people were killed: a US Military soldier, an American employee of a third-party company who worked at the base, and a British soldier. About ten people were injured.

The official representative of the command of the US Armed forces in Iraq and Syria, Colonel Myles Caggins, said that the attack occurred at 19.35 local time and that the incident is being investigated. He did not say who could have fired at the base.

Caggins tweeted that the base had been hit with “small missiles” and posted photos of a homemade launcher based on a Kia Binco car. This car was found after the attack five kilometers from the base, it is written in the post.

A few months ago, the Iraqi Parliament passed a resolution calling for the withdrawal of American troops from the country.

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