In Iran destroyed the organizer of the bombings of the US embassies

Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah is responsible for the deaths of 224 people.

The New York Times reported that Abdullah Ahmed Abdallah, also known as Abu Mohammad al-Masri, who was one of the 1998 terrorist attacks organizers, was killed in Iran.

Then powerful bombs were detonated in front of the US embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). As a result of the attacks, 224 people were killed, including 12 Americans, and more than 4.5 thousand were injured and concussed.

A native of Egypt, Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah, who in recent years was considered the second person in the hierarchy of al-Qaeda, has long been wanted by the FBI.

According to the newspaper, in August, he was shot dead in Tehran by Israeli agents who acted at the United States’ request. This information was kept secret until recently.

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