In Indonesia-tsunami: 222 dead, victims may be more

The Sunda Strait in Indonesia was hit by a powerful tsunami. As officials said, a giant wave arose due to the recent activity of the Anak-Krakatoa volcano, the Guardian reports.

In Indonesia-tsunami: 222 dead, victims may be more

The eruption of Anak-Krakatoa occurred on Friday 21 December, and was short-only 2 minutes and 12 seconds. However, it was because of him that underwater landslides could occur, which provoked a deadly tsunami.

The representative of the national disaster management authority of Indonesia, Sutopo Purvo Nugroho, reported about 222 dead, 84 wounded and 28 missing.
It is assumed that the number of victims may increase significantly, as it was in September.

The tsunami hit the shore around 21.30 local time on Saturday evening, December 22. The blow fell on the beaches in the Sunda Strait, separating the Islands of Java and Sumatra.

There are many Islands of volcanic origin in this Strait. Just on the island of Anak-Krakatoa (which translated from Indonesian means the child of Krakatoa) is an active volcano, which brought a lot of trouble to local residents.

The coast of Banten province on the island of Java — a tourist area near Jakarta-suffered the most. Hundreds of homes and other buildings have been completely destroyed or severely damaged. In Tanjung-Lesung washed away the scene in the open air, where the local band Seventeen performed. One musician died, others went missing.

“We lost our bassist Bani and Manager Oka,” the band’s frontman said. Among the missing-his wife, actress Dylan Sahara. In his first address, Nugroho urged local residents not to panic, as the tidal wave, not the tsunami. Later he apologized, explaining the error by the fact that the region was not registered earthquake. According to the official, the tsunami occurred due to a combination of “underwater landslide due to volcanic activity on Anak-Krakatoa and tidal wave”.

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