In Indonesia, reported on the attraction of the United States to the investigation of the Boeing crash

The authorities of Singapore and the United States want to assist in searching, decoding flight recorders, and investigating the causes of the crash of a passenger liner belonging to the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya Air. This was announced by the Deputy Head of the National Committee on safety on Indonesia’s transport, Nurcahyo Utomo.

“We have received a request from the Singapore Transport Safety Investigation Bureau that we are ready to provide the necessary assistance. We have already coordinated actions with the National Transportation Safety Board of the United States. Its representatives are ready to fly to Jakarta,” Detik portal quotes the official as saying.

Also, he explained that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Indonesia had introduced a ban on the arrival of foreigners. For this reason, Utomo considers it necessary to decide separately on the possibility of the arrival of this group of experts in the country.

A Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 crashed near Lucky Island in the Java Sea. The plane disappeared from the radar almost immediately after taking off from Jakarta. Later, the Network began to appear footage from the crash site. On them, residents fished out debris from the sea. According to him, there were 65 people on board, including 53 passengers and 12 crew members. They were all Indonesian.

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