In India, they started selling protective masks decorated with diamonds

A jewelry store in the Indian city of Surat (Gujarat) on the background of the coronavirus pandemic sells protective masks decorated with diamonds, they cost from two to just over five thousand dollars, according to the local agency ANI.

Shop owner Deepak Choksi told the agency that the idea to create masks with diamonds came when a man who was supposed to have a wedding went to the store after the quarantine was lifted. He asked to make “unique” masks for the bride and groom.

“Then we commissioned our designers to make masks, which the client later bought. After that, we produced a wide range of such masks. There is a mask that requires yellow gold and American diamonds. It costs 150 thousand rupees (just over 1990 dollars). Another mask is made of white gold and real diamonds. It costs 400 thousand rupees (more than 5,3 thousand dollars), ” the owner said.

According to him, the fabric that is the basis of these masks meets the standards for the manufacture of protective products. The diamonds and gold used for making masks can be removed at the customer’s request, and other jewelry can be made from them, the owner added.

One of the store’s visitors, quoted by the agency, preferred to buy a mask with diamonds for the wedding, rather than ordinary jewelry.

“I decided to buy it because it goes with my dress,” the client added.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Shankar Kurade, ordered a gold protective mask for almost four thousand dollars and wore it against the background of the spread of a new coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of the health of India, more than 800 thousand cases of infection were detected in the country, and more than 22 thousand patients died.

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