In India, they announced the inevitability of the third wave of coronavirus in the country

As the chief scientific adviser to the Indian Prime Minister Vijay Raghavan noted, it is difficult to predict the time of its occurrence.

The third wave of the spread of COVID-19 will inevitably begin in India due to the high level of circulation in the country of the Indian strain of coronavirus. The Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, Vijay Raghavan, stated this.

“India may face a third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the timing of which is difficult to predict,” The Indian Express newspaper quoted Raghavan as saying on Thursday. “The new COVID-19 strain, which is now massively infected in the country, is more adapted to counteract protective measures and requires a new approach to combating it. The second wave of coronavirus originated in India because immunity from the first wave was not widespread and vigilance was lowered.”

According to Raghavan, to reflect the third wave in India, measures are needed to strengthen epidemic surveillance, modernize existing vaccines and comply with social safety standards. “We must prepare for new waves of COVID-19. The only way to reduce our vulnerability to the virus is to comply with safety measures and vaccinate. Masks and distancing are critical and most effective,” he said. India ranks second in the world (after the United States) in the total number of people infected with coronavirus and third in the number of deaths due to coronavirus infection (after the United States and Brazil).

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