In Hawaii, tourists are offered a night in a hotel in exchange for working as volunteers

In the Hawaiian Islands, travelers are offered to work as volunteers in exchange for a free night at a hotel, according to Travel and Leisure.

An initiative called “Taking care of Hawaii” allows guests to participate in activities that benefit nature or residents. Vacationers can go tree planting, work on the conservation of ocean reefs, make blankets for the elderly, or clean the beach’s accommodation.

“Our goal is to draw visitors’ attention to the island’s problems and make sure that they leave Hawaii better than they were before,” said John Monahan, President of the state’s tourism service. It is believed that by doing something for the resort, visitors will feel a deeper connection with this place, and their vacation is not just a trip to the Paradise Islands but also an important event.

Tourists arriving in Hawaii must either go to quarantine or provide a certificate with a negative test result for coronavirus, which must be submitted to a certified laboratory 72 hours before departure. Upon arrival at the destination airport, passengers are required to pass another test.

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